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The Institute

Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI) is an institution dedicated to research in mathematics, and in theoretical physics. It is located in Allahabad, India, and is funded by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.

Mathematics at HRI

The mathematics group at HRI conducts research in algebra, algebraic geometry, analysis, Lie algebras, number theory, and topology. Read more about mathematics at HRI.

Physics at HRI

Physics at HRI involves research in theoretical physics, specifically, in astrophysics, condensed matter theory, particle physics, and string theory. Read more about physics at HRI.


HRI welcomes visitors in mathematics, physics, and allied sciences. We have a strong visitor programme, and, in addition, we have exchange programmes with several institutions in India and abroad. If you are interested in visiting HRI, please contact <mathvisit at mri dot ernet dot in> for mathematics, and <physvisit at mri dot ernet dot in> for physics. Meanwhile, read more about visiting HRI.


An accompanying document contains information on conferences, seminars, and other activities in mathematics. Also available is information on conferences, and other activities in physics.

Information on facilities such as the Institute library (accessible only from within the HRI network), and the computing environment at HRI are also available in the facilities section of this Web site.


If you are a member of the Institute, you can use Webmail from outside HRI by visiting either the external ERNET Webmail server, or the external BSNL Webmail server. To use Webmail from within HRI, please visit either the internal ERNET Webmail server, or the internal BSNL Webmail server.



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